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The angel of prosperity January 10, 2008

Posted by mercedescoleen in Angels' at work.
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Yes, there is an angel who assists us to lead successful and fulfilling lives.  Apostle John told the believers that he wished above all things  that they would “prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth” (1 John 3: 2).

The Greek word for prosper means:

a. to grant a prosperous and expeditious journey, to lead by a direct and easy way

b.  to grant a successful issue, to cause to prosper

c.  be successful

God assigns angels to ensure that our journeys or endeavors are successful, expeditious, direct (no wandering) and easy. He has angels assigned to assist us to prosper. We  can enlist these angels’ help by asking for assistance in the particular area. This is not praying, but just making a request as if asking a friend for help or a favor.

We see Angels of Prosperityat work in the bible, although they are not labelled with this title. For example, Abraham was apparently accustomed  to having angels guide him as he journeyed in the land of Caanan. He revealed this when he sent his steward to look for a wife for his son, telling him that the angel of the Lord would go before him (Gen 24: 7, 40).

The steward prayed to God asking for specific signs to be revealed in the woman   who would be Isaac’s wife. His request was fulfilled exactly as he asked, confirming that the Lord had indeed sent angels before him to make his quest successful.  He recounted his experience to Laban, uncle of the bride, telling him that Abraham had prophesied that “The LORD… will send his angel with thee, and prosper thy way; and thou shalt take a wife for my son of my kindred, and of my father’s house” (Gen 24: 40). Even the successful choice of a mate is considered to be a sign of prosperity.

This shows me that we too can use this strategy to enlist the help of the Angel of Prosperity. Years ago, I was a member of a prayer group that would pray for people in their homes etc.  We learnt to pray and ask the Lord to send angels ahead of us into the homes and places where we would pray for people. Our missions were always easier when we did so. However, I need to use this strategy more often in my every day life.

Here’s another example. Jacob saw angels ascending and descending upon a ladder between heaven and earth as he escaped Esau’s death threat.  The angels were demonstrating their closeness to him and drawing his attention to the Lord who stood above the ladder, giving a promise to bless him in the land that he would live (Gen 28). This was a reassuring and wonderful event, giving him consolation that the Lord was with him. His response was to make a vow to serve the Lord if His promise was fulfilled.  Angels are closer to us than we realize

The angel of the Lord spoke to Jacob in a dream, telling him how to mate the animals that would be strong and reproduce (an early example of genetics). Jacob followed the Lord’s  instructions and his animals multiplied exceeding and were stronger than his uncle’s (Gen 31: 1- 13).

When he returned home many years later after working for his Uncle Laban, the angels of the Lord met him to reassure him of their protection. He had tricked and robbed his brother many years earlier and was afraid that Esau was  still angry. The angels of the Lord had dealt already with that situation (Gen 32).

The bible proliferates with many more examples. God demonstrated Abraham’s revelation that angels go before His people when His angel led Israel through the wilderness. Isa 63: 9 says that the angel of His presence saved them in their affliction.

Practical application

We can see from the Greek that prosperity encompasses more than wealth acquisition and is very broad in nature. In fact, God created man with the intent that he should propser. This was established when he told Adam and Eve to be fruitful, multiply etc and gave them access to earth’s resources. He uses angels to help us to become successful.

Prince Igoni told me in June 2007 that he was the Angel of Prosperity.  He has been teaching me how to prosper in my spirit and to trust God even when I do not have access to resources. I have experienced uncommon favor and  angelic help from the “terror by night”,  among other things. I have received instructions on how I can prosper materially but have to wait for the appointed time.

The angels of the Lord are closer than you know. They are sent to help us to prosper. The examples of those who have gone on before provide a guide as to how these angels function in our lives. I hope that you have been blessed!

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1. Discoking - March 6, 2010

Great Blog!……There’s always something here to make me laugh…Keep doing what ya do :)

mercedescoleen - May 1, 2010

Thanks a lot Rachel. Blessings


2. shavon - May 3, 2010

i really really wish and charge the angel of prosperity will prosper my wedding day with my soul mate ivan on june 19,2010 and protect that day from all disorder and all disfunction and all hostile forces that no weapon formed against that day for me and my husband ivan shall prosper i reject all substitution wedding dates for me and ivan in the entire universe and in my entire life experiance forever i reject waiting any longer to be married to ivan i wish and charge the prosperity angel will bless me with at least twenty million real legal unearned cash dollars or more for me to use how i choose to start my new life with my daughter and new husband ivan now without any strings attached or obligation and without any loan that this cash will be deliverd to me right now easy and swiftly by way of outside freely given legacy,lottery cash win,raffle prize cash win, or cash donation from a unknown or known source or freely given cash gift or something even more easy then i just named i reject forever all other substitution thy will be done and i charge the prosperity angel to grant this wish now in my current physical material world without fail amen

mercedescoleen - May 7, 2010

Hello Shavon

Congratulations. I bless you so that your wedding day will be fruitful and prosperous. Nothing is impossible with God. However, God and His Angels do not operate like genies.

Numerous creative ideas will begin to flow when you spend time with God, pray and take time to listen.

Look out for a special card which I sent to your email address.

Mercedes Moss

3. shavon - May 7, 2010


mercedescoleen - May 11, 2010

Dear Shavon

I’m waiting to see what God would do. The Lord says to stop fretting.

God bless

Kathy Tickler - September 4, 2010

Dear Shavon

I hope the wedding went well, hope it was all that you & hubby dreamed it would be? write back and let me know how it went..

God bless


4. Kathy Tickler - September 4, 2010

Dear Shavon

I hope the wedding went well, hope it was all that you & hubby dreamed it would be? write back and let me know how it went.

God bless


5. victor sr - August 18, 2013

I need help right away to know which path is right for Victor brett Dorsey is it springfield or is it 22ft academy ?

mercedescoleen - August 3, 2014

Dear Victor Sr

I do apologize for such a late response. The answer I hear is Springfield. Hope your son is happy and blessed. Angels are with him and he has a bright future.


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