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Archangel Michael June 28, 2007

Posted by mercedescoleen in Archangel Michael.
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Hello everyone. I want to talk a bit about Michael today. He is a very special angel because he is an archangel or chief of the angels. His name means “who is like God” and he is mentioned by name five times in scriptures. Every time Michael is mentioned in scriptures he is fighting the devil and his evil angels in order to defend the people of God. That tells us that he is a fierce and mighty warrior. He always wins. Michael is also is the special companion of people who are greatly beloved by God and his angels. I met Michael quite a few times over the last year. In one of the instances that I remember, I was sitting in MacDonald’s doing some writing. He was perched on a high stool across from me. He wore sunglasses, a hat and was about 38 years and handsome. I was not paying attention to him initially, but he pulled the sun glasses over his nose so that he was looking over them at me and began to clip his nails with a nail clipper. Now who could ignore such a sight, especially when the person is smiling cheerily at you? I began to talk and he came over and sat next to me. We talked about my writings. I had figured out that this was Michael and started to ask him about the devil. He started talking about satan and as he talked, he became vehement and intense. He has absolutely no respect for the devil. He said that satan is a thing, not even a person. He said the devil is nasty (I will not say all here) and not even worthy to be called “him”, but an it. It is because of Michael’s influence that I started calling the devil “it”. At that time too, he shared a story that actually was a warning about a similar situation that I was going through. His warning helped me to make the right decision. This is one way in which angels give instructions. They may do so in a parable, so it is important to pay attention.

At another time I was sitting in White Castle in Brooklyn (writing), when this tall, black man came in dressed like a homeless beggar. He went to the garbage bin and rummaged a bit (or pretended to). He then came over to where I was sitting and began talking rapidly about himself (faster than a rapper), so I listened and said a few words here and there. As he left, the aroma of perfume was left behind. I then realized that this was Michael and nearly passed out laughing. The thing is, you never know when the angels are around, but when they are, you will know them, even as they know you. More to tell about Michael. Soon come!



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