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Angels make things appear and disappear July 27, 2007

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This lady once saw Chief Prince Michael come into a church service one Sunday morning. He was dressed in a green shirt with sleeves rolled up and blue jeans. She said that she was sitting at the back and saw him arrive. He was carrying two rather large musical instruments in dark blue cases. One looked like a trumpet and the other was shaped like a drum. The young man got up and left before the service ended, but this time he was carrying only the drum shaped instrument. He stood outside in the corridor for a while then left. She said she then realized who the person was because no one called him back for the other instrument. It had disappeared.

At another time this lady saw a young woman walking a little black dog. It was a cold night and she wondered whether or not the young woman was cold. She walked behind her for a few minutes because they were going in the same direction. The young woman stopped at the entrance of a grocery store, trying to control her two dogs. The new dog was brown and tinier than the first. Hey! Where did that extra dog appear from?


Archangel Gabriel Said Jesus Would Live In The Earth For “Only A Minute” July 12, 2007

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One day God and the angels were looking at videos of upcoming world events. God groaned,

“look at that, Adam and Eve obey the devil, I have to destroy the entire world by flood, burn Sodom and Gomorrah to the ground and punish the people for disobeying me!”

There was a buzz of chatter all around as the Angels discussed the plight of the earth among themselves. Suddenly, God banged on the gavel and said,

“I’ve got it! Here’s my plan. I’m going to send my Son Jesus to live among them one day to show them how to please me. He will spend 33 years”.

A little cherub cried out, “O no! That’s too long, I want to play with Jesus!”

Gabriel got up, hemmed and hawed, then said, “well cherub, according to logistics, that’s not even a minute, because up here one thousand days is just like a day”.

The cherub replied, “so exactly how long will He be gone?”

I am the money making angel July 11, 2007

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Angels are really true friends who help people in the normal, everyday run of life. Do you know that they specialize in assisting us in particular issues? For example, if you meet the money making angel, he will give you information on how to make save and spend money. By the way, angels never lie.

Angels are soldiers July 9, 2007

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This may be news to some readers, but angels are soldiers and make up the security system of heaven. They carry out important functions on earth like:

* protecting people who love God (Ps 34: 7, Ps 91: 11). One man called Elisha had the security forces surrounding him in a massive show of strength (2 Kings 6).

* God’s armies come out to fight opposing evil forces when we need help. Wow, lsiten to this. God has “thousands of angels” in His army and He leads these angels into war (Ps 68: 17; Revelation 19: 14 and 19).

Just one secret and this is major. People have actually seen the armies of God marching into villages as they prayed. Do you know that these angels can become your friend and protect you as well? Yes, but you need to love and obey God. Blessings until.

Angels’ history lesson July 6, 2007

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The angels were conducting a history class on the topic “Human History”. The students were baby angels who were being quizzed about human affairs. The teacher asked the question, “now why was Saddam Hussein found in a foxhole?” A bright young angel jumped up with the answer, “because Gabriel and his angels ran him down for miles while shooting guns into the air and yelling louldly”.

Angels’ Air Strike Over Iraq! July 5, 2007

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Early this morning (July 5th) I dreamt that the Lord Jesus and all of His chief angels planned an air strike over key areas of Iraq. Of course it was successful! I also heard the name Azar Al Mumar in the dream. Is he someone that the US Army or Intelligence should know about?

The Cheeky Angels July 3, 2007

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Some angels were travelling on a bus one day. One of them sat alone next to the door while another two of them chatted loudly and cheerfully as the journey progressed.

The angel sitting next to the door told a lady, “please tell those angels to shut up”.

The lady looked at the angels and said, “the angel said shut up”.

The angels ignored her and continued to talk. The lady looked in consternation at the angel next to the door. This angel said again, “tell them I said to shut up”.

The lady told the two angels, “shut up. Tais tois” (they were speaking in French creole).

Those loud, noisy angels stopped talking for awhile. Finally, unable to contain themselves, they resumed the conversation loudly and with gusto.

The lady exclaimed, “the other angel told you to shut up!”

The angels replied, “yes, but she didn’t say for how long!”

What Would You Say If An Angel Told You…? July 2, 2007

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* Who is stronger? Barney or the Incredible Hulk? (Begging the question)

* Very few people in history truely became the recepients of mental power – Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Newton,Bill Gates.

* Which would you rather have, a degree or creativity?

* To whom much is given much is received.

* The incredible salesman

This product will make your eyes glow, hair grow and most of all, improve your sex life.

* On Internet marketing

You don’t need the world of connections, you only need one connection.

The Angel And The Golden Pellet July 1, 2007

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One night a man dreamt that he went to heaven with his wife and baby daughter. They sat in a room with an angel. As they talked, the baby got down unto the floor,crept to the center of the room, picked up something and put it in her mouth.

The angel went over and said, “baby, I told you before not to put pellets in your mouth”.

The man and his wife looked at each other in consternation –  “What had the baby placed in her mouth?”

The angel took the pellet from the baby and lifted his hand to throw it through the door.

The man  gasped in astonishment! The angel was about to throw away  a gold nugget!

He grabbed it and said, “hey, I need this! how much is it worth?”

The angel shrugged and replied, “oh this? about one million dollars.”

“Angels Unawares” | A Poem By Mercedes Coleen Moss July 1, 2007

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Majestic spirits.
Flaming fire.
Fearful appearance
In their wartime attire.

Beggar on the street
Lame man at WalMart.
Stranger at MacDonalds.
The homeless in the park.

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