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Angels make things appear and disappear July 27, 2007

Posted by mercedescoleen in Angels at work.
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This lady once saw Chief Prince Michael come into a church service one Sunday morning. He was dressed in a green shirt with sleeves rolled up and blue jeans. She said that she was sitting at the back and saw him arrive. He was carrying two rather large musical instruments in dark blue cases. One looked like a trumpet and the other was shaped like a drum. The young man got up and left before the service ended, but this time he was carrying only the drum shaped instrument. He stood outside in the corridor for a while then left. She said she then realized who the person was because no one called him back for the other instrument. It had disappeared.

At another time this lady saw a young woman walking a little black dog. It was a cold night and she wondered whether or not the young woman was cold. She walked behind her for a few minutes because they were going in the same direction. The young woman stopped at the entrance of a grocery store, trying to control her two dogs. The new dog was brown and tinier than the first. Hey! Where did that extra dog appear from?



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