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Humor that make angels laugh August 11, 2007

Posted by mercedescoleen in Humor of Angels.
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Two angels were sitting in “Prince Gabriel’s Cafe” sipping cafe latte when Lazarus passed by. They looked at each other, smiled and waved. They began to chuckle, broke out in loud guffaws, then took a photo. Accustomed to this response, Lazarus waved, rolled up his eyes and went on his way. The angels sat contemplatively, trying to compose themselves, then began to laugh uproariously as they had quick flashbacks. They looked at their palm held computers – here’s Jesus arriving at the cave, crowd parting to let Him in and craning their necks to see. Will they break them off if they bent them any further? Here’s Jesus telling the people to roll the stone away, the crowd’s eyes becoming as round as saucers as He did so. Would they pop? Here are the people backing off, holding their noses in anticipation as the stone is rolled away with terrible groans, creaks and clanks.

Some of the people were beginning to warn others that they were about to see spirits and that they should please run! The brave stayed on and heard Jesus sigh, look up to the sky (rather piously, the angels said) and tell His Father that He was about to show off so the crowd could believe. As the scene shifted, the angels leaned forward with great interest. You would not believe that they had seen this rerun 1000s of times. They heard Jesus yell, “Lazarus, get out of there!”. The crowd waited with bated breath, then gasped in disgust as the stench wafted out – “ohhhhhhhh!” Then came Lazarus’ familiar voice – “Yes Lord, I’m on my way!” They heard Lazarus calling out, “I’m coming Jesus, I’m coming!” They heard the loud shuffling, hopping and tumbling as he tried to get to Jesus, looking like “the mummy” and complaining that he couldn’t see a thing! As he came, he tried to move the cloths to see Jesus, eagerly hopping, shuffling, tumbling and reeling forward. The words, “coming Jesus”, echoed around the tomb. The crowd nearly fell over like ninepins, saucer like eyes popping, forgetting the stench in the wonder of the miracle, then they went wild with jubilation as Lazarus stood victoriously in the entrance of the cave.

By this time, the other angels had joined in the fun and the cafe was filled with the sound of laughter. “They just don’t do this no more,” complained an American saint, “or I would have been surfing on the beach in California right now”. Suddenly, the sound of the video interrupted the laughter as Jesus said in exasperation, “will somebody please loose him and let him go? Doh!”



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