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The angel guide August 13, 2007

Posted by mercedescoleen in Angels at work.
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She was hurrying along the corridor of busy Central Station in New York when she met a young woman laden with bags. They smiled at each other, said “hello” and somehow struck up a conversation. The young woman said that her name was Angella. They were both trying to get to the connecting train that would eventually take them to their varying destinations. The train schedules had changed that day and they were forced to take alternate routes. Angella hurried on without her, then waited for her as they were about to descend the platform to get the 2 train. When they arrived on the platform, Angella told her that another train ran express at the station and would get them to the connecting train much faster. However, Angella’s new found friend did not feel like walking one more step and stayed right there. Angella remained with her, an unusual action for a stranger meeting another in busy New York City.
They boarded the 2 train and sat in separate places. That is when Angella told her that she was an angel and was on her way to an assignment in Flatbush. Angella looked rather jittery because she was late. She would not have needed to rush if she had taken the express train, but had just wanted to spend some time with her new friend. That young woman wishes that she had taken the express that day, because she certainly would have arrived at her destination a lot quicker. That 2 train took a rather long and unusual route then she had to take two other trains instead of one to get to her final destination. the moral of this story is to listen to the angels and follow instructions!



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