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More examples of verbal interactions between angels and people – Part 4 August 29, 2007

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In the fifteen biblical examples that I have cited to date, angels spoke with people, initiating the conversation in most cases and sometimes having a long interchange as in the case of Zechariah. They truly do love God’s people and will go out of the way to help. I will continue with five other examples of angels interacting with people:

1. After the birth of Jesus, three wise men from the East followed a star to Jerusalem to visit and worship the King of the Jews. Thinking that Herod had the answer, they went to see him about the issue. Thinking to find the child and kill Him, Herod instructed the wise men to return to give him information on the child’s location. However, they were warned by God in a dream and returned to their country without giving the information to Herod. Subsequently, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and warned him to flee to Egypt in order to save the child from death (Mt 2: 9-18).

2. An angel at the empty tomb told the women that Jesus had risen from the dead (Mt 28: 5)

3. Chief Prince Gabriel appeared to Zechariah and informed him about the birth of his son John as well as the events that would take place prior to his birth (Lk 1: 11-19)

4. Chief Prince Gabriel appeared to Mary, informing her that she had been selected to become the mother of the Messiah (Lk 1: 36 – 38).

5. An angel appeared to shepherds and announced the Messiah’s birth. A multitude of angels joined him and saying, “glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men” (Lk 2: 8-14).

 I once met an angel in the library. He was in the form of a teenager and sat at the computer next to mine, playing games. As I left, I said, “young man, I wish that I could play games all day like you”.  He replied, “you’re calling me young! I’m hundreds of years old.”



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