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Angels in conversation with people – Part 5 August 30, 2007

Posted by mercedescoleen in Angels in the bible.
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I hope that you are not tired, but it seems obvious that the bible is full of examples of angels speaking with people in order to help, guide and protect them. There is much that we can learn from these examples about the role of angels in our own lives. Here are other examples of angels appearing to help people and speaking with them as well:

1. In Acts 5: 19 – 20, the Jews had imprisoned the apostles for preaching the gospel. An angel came at night, opened the doors of the prison and released them, telling them to go, stand in the temple and preach the gospel.

2. An angel appeared to Phillip and told him to leave Samaria and go to the desert. Phillip was not given the nature of the assignment, but soon found out when he got there (Acts 8: 26-29).

3. An angel appeared to Cornelius in a vision and reassured him that his prayers had been answered, then gave him exact instructions on where to find apostle Peter who would later led him to the Lord (Acts 10).

4. An angel woke Peter while he lay in a prison cell, loosed his chains and told him to get up, dress, put on his shoes and follow him (Acts 12: 6-11).

5. An angel of the Lord reassured Paul that he would survive the dangerous sea journey as he was taken as a captive to Rome by Roman soldiers (Acts 27: 1-23).

We see the angels acting in the roles of comforter, protectors and deliverers. They work in collaboration with God and their word always comes to pass. Blessings.



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