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Why do angels communicate verbally with people? September 1, 2007

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Greetings to my readers. In the previous posts, I showed the biblical evidences of angels in communication with people. Today, I would like to answer the question of why angels communicate verbally with people. The answer is that they do so in order to reveal the power of God. As I reviewed the previous content, I discovered several truths about angels that are revealed in their communication:

1. Angels provide miraculously – e.g. water for Hagar, food for Prophet Elijah

2. Angels protect – e.g Ishmael from death, infant Jesus from execution by Herod.

3. Angels deliver – e.g. the apostles from prison, Paul from death on the sea.

4. Angels guide – e.g. Peter to the desert, Cornelius to Peter’s location

5. Angels foretell the future, giving specific details that are always fulfilled – e.g. births of Samson, John the Baptist and Jesus

Angels are wonderful friends of the human race, particularly of those who love the Lord. We love you angels!



1. Realm of Miracles Writer - July 23, 2011

I love your site on angels. Tell me what verse in the Bible it talks about Ishmael being saved from death. You can read my wordpress blog about stories of faith and angel encounters at realm of miracles.


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