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Angels also communicate non verbally September 4, 2007

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I’ve completed the discussions on biblical examples of verbal communication by angels and have also shown the reasons why they do so. Today, I would like to show examples of nonverbal communication by angels and hope that we will understand the reasons why. Here are some examples:

1. Angels stand guard and act as deterrents to people

After Adam and Eve were turned out of the garden of Eden, God placed Cherubims at the entrance as well as a flaming sword which turned in a 360 degree circle (Gen 3: 24). This was to prevent the reentry of the couple. An angel with a sword stood blocking Balaam’s path when he went on his way to curse Israel (Num 22: 23). The angel was invisible to Balaam, but the donkey saw him. This was a sad and ironic tale of a man whose greed motivated him to the point where he was impervious to the judgement of God. It also tells us that God will not allow anyone to harm those who He has blessed.
2. Angels can attract our attention in unusual ways then give a message when we look to see.

God appeared to Moses as an angel in a flame of fire in the middle of a bush that burned but did not become ashes. In order to satisfy his curiosity on the reason that the bush did not burn, Moses turned aside to see. When God saw his response, He called out to him from the middle of the bush, then began to talk with him about freeing Israel from slavery in Egypt (Ex 3). Moses’ experience tell us that sometimes God will do something unusual to get our attention, but will not approach us unless we respond by stopping to see what the problem or strange event is.

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