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The angels in Moses’ tabernacle September 10, 2007

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Today’s blog deals with what I consider to be a rather fascinating subject. This relates to the angels in Moses’ tabernacle. Moses was given a pattern that was to be included in the tabernacle in the wilderness. He was asked to design an ark (in the shape of a box) which would contain the tables on which the 12 commandments were written. He was also to make a mercy seat of pure gold that would be placed above the ark as well as two golden cherubims or angels which were to be placed on either end of the mercy seat. The cherubims were to be made facing each other, with their wings stretching high over the mercy seat. God told Moses that He would meet Moses at the mercy seat and speak with him from between the cherubims (Ex 25: 10 – 22).

While the meaning of the mercy seat and ark are symbolic, the important thing that we need to pay attention to here is that the angels are associated with the presence of God. Further details in the design of the temple reinforce that since Moses was also asked to design two separate curtains with cherubims woven into them. One of these curtains was to cover the tabernacle while the other was to separate the holy place from the holiest of holies (Ex 26). The holiest of holies was a very symbolic place since only the Jewish High Priest could enter once a year in order to offer sacrifices for the sins of the people. He had to wear bells on his clothing since God wanted to hear the sound of his arrival and departure so that he would not die (Ex 28: 33 – 35).

The question really relates to the significance of the presence of the angels over the mercy seat, in the curtains covering the tabernacle and in the vail between the holy place and the holiest of holies. They could mean two things:

1. Angels dwell in the presence of God as we learnt in other scriptures and particularly in the book of Revelation. Therefore, angels of the Lord will lead us to the true and living God.

2. The wings of the angels covering the mercy seat symbolize the covering or protection that God places over His people. David spoke of this in Psa 91: 4

Blessings and more next time!


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