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More symbolism of the angels’ nonverbal communication in Ezekiel’s vision September 17, 2007

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After puzzling on the meanings of the angels’ message for a long time, the answer was finally given to me a few weeks ago. While some of the meaning of the vision is still unclear, I hope that this will be helpful to readers. Let’s take a further look at those angels in Ezekiel 1:

Ezekiel 1: 5 – the angels appeared also in the form of a man

Angels in the Bible appeared in human forms. Even God Himself appeared as an angel in the Bible as well as in in human form as seen in the following examples:

* He appeared as an angel to Moses (Ex 3: 2- 4).

* God appeared to Joshua as the captain of the host of the Lord prior to his onslaught on Jericho(Josh 5: 13- 15). Could the captain of the host have been Jesus Himself as He is revealed in Revelation 19:11-16 OR Prince Michael as revealed in Revelation 12: 7. Gabriel revealed to Daniel in chapter 10 and 13 that Michael was “one of the chief princes” in the army of the Lord. I know from visions and revelations that the Lord Jesus Himself rides at the head of armies of angels in response to prayer when we intercede. The important truth as we learn from Moses, Joshua, Daniel and John the Beloved is that heaven sends the captains and their hosts to help in times of trouble. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords himself fights on our behalf. Think therefore of the endless possibilities when we pray in the realm of the earth.
* The three persons in the God family visited Abraham in human form in Gen 18: 1 – 2 which said that “… the LORD appeared unto him in the plains of Mamre: and he sat in the tent door in the heat of the day; and he lift up his eyes and looked, and, lo, three men stood by him…”
Ezekiel 1: 8 – each angel had four sides. Since there were four angels in the arrangement, that means that they collectively had 16 sides. This speaks to the many dimensions of God. God cannot be explained in one way. He simply cannot be fathomed. For example, He has many names, many facets of His personality, many ways of looking at things as I found out from personal experience. He is simply too high for the finite human mind to encompass.

Eze 1: 9 Their wings were joined one to another; they turned not when they went; they went every one straight forward.

The joining of the angels’ wings symbolize the Oneness of God. Note that the angels do not turn but go straight forward. They cannot turn because their wings are joined together so they form a circular arrangement. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Everything about God and the realm of the heavenlies is in perfect accord. Therefore, if an angel of the Lord gives you a message from God, you can expect to see the word come to pass in your life.

Ezekiel 1 :14 show s that the angels ran very swiftly. This is the speed with which we can access help in times of trouble. As soon as we call for help, an angel will appear almost immediately. I have also seen this in visions.

Ezekiel 1: 20 – the angels followed the leading of the Holy Spirit. Angels of the Lord work in collaboration with God. Phillip’s experience in Acts 8: 26 is one example. The angel of the Lord told him to go to the desert. As he obeyed, he saw a man in a chariot reading the scriptures. The Holy Spirit then instructed him to go near and preach the gospel. Great blessing comes from God when we obey the instructions of angels.

Ezekiel described the arrangement of the angels as being a wheel in a wheel. While this is still unclear to me, to date I believe that the arrangement must have been something like a Ferris wheel. The meaning of the arrangement is of greater importance, hwoever. God creates things in Circles, which represent:

* the continuity of God. He is everlasting.
* His word always returns to Him once it is deposited in the earth.
* the earth was created as a circle (Isa 40: 22)
* the heavens and the earth will be recreated one day, just as they were recreated in the beginning.
* seasons are continuous and follow the same pattern
* there is a menstrual cycle, circadian cycle and an unending array of human physiological processes that are arranged in cycles.
These are just a few examples of circles or cycles and diligent examination will reveal more.

Hope this has been a blessing!



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