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The day I saw Jesus (at least His feet) October 1, 2007

Posted by mercedescoleen in Jesus.
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I was thirteen and curled up on the top level of the bunk bed reading a book (as usual). Suddenly, I felt the presence of someone in the room. I looked up and there was a flash of something that disappeared. I felt as if my name was called. I went looking for my father and asked if he had called me, but he said no. I went back to my station and began reading again. I felt the presence again. When I looked up, I saw the lower part of His body from about the calves down. However, He was dressed in a flowing white robe and wore brown sandals. That’s all I saw. I was not afraid because I just knew that this was Jesus. He left almost as quickly as He came (or at least I saw this vision for about less than a minute). I never really spoke about that day all these years, but it is a great thing to have Jesus pay a visit.




1. polaroid - May 31, 2009

hi, that’s exactly what happen to me. however Jesus raise the point if his finger and touch my hand to.


mercedescoleen - May 7, 2010

LOL. Jesus has a great sense of humor


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