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Angels’ job titles October 8, 2007

Posted by mercedescoleen in Angels specific job duties.
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Hello and good day to all my readers. Truth be told, if we stop to think about it, we may be able to categorize angels’ work based on what they do. For example, if you were an angel, would you like to work in:

* Security – guardian angel
* Child care – protecting children
* The Air Force – fight warfare in the heavenlies
* Entertainment – sing in the choir
* Couriers -carry messages to people
* Secret Service – espionage activity on earth and reporting back to God.
* Doctors – healing angels
* Conductors – direct choirs etc

Overheard (one angel to another on viewing a tall angel with windswept curly hair in a particular city)-“What a hairstyle. The Air Force must be in town!”

Another angel exclaimed (on seeing two others in a building where one of their favorite people worked) – “What! You work in security now!”

These are just a few. What can you come up with? We love you angels!



1. Jennifer - August 10, 2008

Angels have being my friends since I was a little girl that is all I had when I was little, but I still don’t understand their sounds, voices, Please help me!


mercedescoleen - April 13, 2009

Dear Jenny

Just pray and ask God to help you. The angels are speaking the languages of heaven and not yours. When I first heard Chief Gabriel’s voice in visions, it sounded loud and metallic. As I spoke with Him, His voice became clearer.

Daniel reported that Gabriel’s voice was like the sound of many waters. That is how loud the voice of the Lord is.

I believe that you need to get into a close relationship with the Lord. Meantime, receive comfort in the presence of the angels because they are there to protect you

Be blessed


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