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Angels are very loving October 15, 2007

Posted by mercedescoleen in Angels at work.
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The love of angels for God’s people is demonstrated repeatedly in scriptures and in the nature of their activity on earth today. Here are some of the evidences:

* Don’t touch those little ones because their angels are always “up in God’s face” (Mt 18: 10)

* They camp out around us to deliver us from evil (Ps 34: 7).

* They warn us about impending danger (Mt 2: 13). I have experienced this as I wrote in the previous post.

* They carry us in their hands so that we will not dash out feet against stones (Ps 91: 12). Think of how protective they are. Of course, stone may be a figurative expression referring to hard problems or situations.

* They lead us to supply sources or provide it themselves. The angel could not bear to see Elijah starving in the desert and brought him food (1 Kings 19: 5-8).

These are wonderful testimonies about the love of our angels. There are some people who are especially beloved by them and they receive great favor. These included Daniel, Jesus, Israel, all the saints. Have a great day! Blessings.



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