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Angels and childbearing October 22, 2007

Posted by mercedescoleen in God.
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Angels have brought messages about unborn children to barren women in the message. Does this still happen today? Please let me know. Here are 2 case studies:

Case study 1 – Samson

His story is found in Judges 13. An angel of the Lord appeared to his mother and told her very specific details and instructions about the pregnancy as well as his future. Here they are:

* the child would be a boy
* his mother was to abstain from alcohol and unclean things during the pregnancy
* Samson was not to cut his hair
* he would be a Nazarite
* he would deliver Israel from their enemies

Case study 2 – John the Baptist

His parents were righteous and pleasing to God. His father was a priest called Zacharias and his mother’s name was Elizabeth. Chief Prince Gabriel appeared to him while he officiated in the priest’s office in the temple one day. Angel Gabriel told him the following specific details about John (Lk 1: 5-17):

* the child would be a boy
* he would be great in the sight of the Lord
* he should not drink wine nor strong drink
* he would be filled with the Holy Ghost in his mother’s womb.
* he would turn many of the children of Israel to the Lord their God.
* he would prepare the hearts of the people for the Lord

These prophecies about these children were fulfilled as the angels spoke to the parents. Think of how wonderful it would be if you receive any kind of information about your unborn child. It would then be easier to train him or her up in the way that he/she should go. Blessings!



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