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Angels Joke About Jesus The “Polish Priest” November 12, 2007

Posted by mercedescoleen in Humor of Angels.
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She travelled on the train on her way to her hometown. She noticed that there was a group of young men and women standing in the doorway of the carriage. Their posture was relaxed and they talked quietly. An elderly couple came onto the train at the second stop and she offered the wife a seat. They had attended a baseball game that day.

As they spoke, the lady drew her attention to one of the young men standing in the doorway and said that he was her boss. He was a Polish priest, she said. The young voyager wondered what a Polish priest was doing here. The joke was that the young man was Jesus, a Polish priest because He had hung on a pole (cross).

As they drew closer to her destination, the young people in the doorway straightened up and faced forward attentively, as if on guard. The Polish Priest held His hand up facing forward, resting it on a pole of the train. What was he doing? HE was sending out waves to intercept the principalities and powers in the air. Hmm. What an interesting journey!



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