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The Angels said, “enter at your own risk” December 6, 2007

Posted by mercedescoleen in Guardian Angels.
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I once saw in a dream about five or six angels sitting on the steps leading to my apartment. They were black men and were lounging there, looking rather bored. Some witches came to the apartment and passed the angels on the steps without even asking for permission. The angels were bored and did not stop them, just told them to enter at your own risk.

The witches did enter. Having seen them coming up the steps, I had my right hand up to let the power of God flow and withstand them. I heard a voice telling me to say “fire from heaven”. I did so immediately and fire fell from the sky, felling some of the witches. The others took off running for their lives.

I then saw the witches who had died in the fire in a room, which also contained a man holding snakes. They started to ask about the place, complaining that the last thing they remembered was running from the fire. They begged the man with the snakes not to come near to them. The man told them not to come back here or they would be really dead. With this narrow escape, those witches got up from the ground and took off running until they got to a fast food restaurant.



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