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Guardian Angels in that dream January 4, 2008

Posted by mercedescoleen in Angels at work.
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A few nights ago I had a terrible dream in which a massive serpent burst through a  wall of the apartment and began to fight with me.  Serpents represent satan and his demons in the scriptures. As I fought this serpent, I yelled for Gabriel and he flew swiftly to  help me.

 Jesus also came to my help. In the dream, He came in the form of an angel and gave me a sword which I used to cut that serpent. He then flew back to a place in the sky which looked somewhat like a lighthouse (gray in color) and which had light emanating from it.

I overcame this serpent eventually, but remembered that one of the levels of warfare that I have to undergo is against the spirit of terror (manifested also as witchcraft). However, the scriptures say that the one in me is greater than he that is in the world.

Thank you Prince Gabriel and King Jesus for your assistance.



1. charissa - July 27, 2010

How do i develop this awsome relationship with angels….i dont get to hear them speak to me though they do come to help me but i want more…i want to be able to understand when they give me a message. Any insight will be appreciated.thanks


mercedescoleen - August 6, 2010

Dear Charissa

I hear you. I believe that the correct approach is to begin with loving and obeying God, who is the Creator and Lord of the Angels. To love and obey God means:

* to read and live by His Word, which is the Bible
* to spend time talking with Him
* to really try to please Him
* to listen to the voice of God when He speaks to your Spirit.

The angels of God will never usurp His position or ask you to worship them. The answer to your question is to begin to seek God passionately. Listen to His Voice and Word (Bible) and do what He says. The angels will always confirm His Word and will never lead you in another direction.

I am not too clear on whether or not the angels actually speak to you when they come to help you. If they do not, your answers are already hidden in the Word of God.

Please follow up if you need further discussion and I will be happy to help



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