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The funny young man January 8, 2008

Posted by mercedescoleen in Humor of Angels.

He sat at the adjacent computer, ear phones plugged in, avidly listening to music from a MP player.  He was Asian, had a mop of black hair, a funny little moustache. I did not pay attention to him until he called the library assitant at the desk for help. He had a funny, sort of squeaky voice, rather amusing.

He had that young man running back and forth from the desk as he called repeatedly for assistance with problems related to a music download from the internet.

He had me in peals of laughter, because the combination of the hair, moustache, squeaky voice and  technical difficulties were very amusing.  Not only that, the young man at the desk was becoming exasperated with his repeated and ceaseless calls for help on the unsolvable problem and his non verbal language was beginning to show this. 

I really tried hard not to laugh, because this was the same assistant who had been cheeky to me the previous day. Now here he was, obediently responding to this funny young man. The assistant had no choice but to respond to the calls and the funny young man was shameless, asking him to wait so he could write down some instructions he had just been given.   I broke up again as the assistant walked away in exasperation, not complying with the request.

You had to be there to see it. You had to be there to see him slouching in his chair, vigorously rocking his body to the beat of the music. I like to believe that he was an angel sent to amuse me.  Thanks angel!



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