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Angels are faithful January 9, 2008

Posted by mercedescoleen in Angels at work.
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Angels always carry out their duties faithfully and lovingly.  They will give you information about issues that puzzle you, but cannot reveal some things unless the Lord permits until the due time.

 I have seen angels on buses, flying along with airplanes, in visions,  in the library, on the streets. They will instruct     the individual   on the direction to go. I was once in a store and a middle aged woman on a cell phone loudly said, “leave now”. She was an angel warning me to leave the vicinity. 

Thank God for His wonderful angels!



1. mercedescoleen - July 13, 2010

Hello Erik

Thanks for reading my blog. I wanted to comment on the issue of channeling. First of all, I write from a Biblical perspective and do not channel. I receive information from angels of God just like the followers of God did in the bible:

a. in dreams
b. by direct visits
c. and I also hear them speaking in heaven
d. and see them in the invisible realm

Many prophets in scripture had similar experiences.

Please keep in touch



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