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Who masquerades as Angels of God? January 22, 2008

Posted by mercedescoleen in They are NOT Angels of God.

Yesterday I wrote about the astral traveller who said that the Angel Michael who defended me was not the one she knew. These were the exact words with which I ended the post:

These people are being deceived because satan and other demons are apparently producing a “heaven” and masquerading as angels of the Lord”

How can this be true?

The evidence to support this great masquerade comes from scripture which teaches that satan is a deceiver who mixes truth with lies. We need to remember that he used to be the chief worship leader in heaven. He is quite familiar with the angels and what heaven looks like and uses this knowledge to give power to people, bringing them under his control.

Satan is the black sheep in God’s family. His purpose is to be exalted and to be worshipped as god. He uses any device necessary to attract people’s allegiance to his kingdom and to send souls to hell. Here are some ways in which he does this:

a. Satan tempts people in the occult with the acquisition of power.  He tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden by telling her that she and Adam would become like gods, knowing both good and evil if they rebelled against God. Furthermore, he insisted that God was lying to them and that they would not die if they did what he said.

Eve did not believe that she was already like God-made in His image and likeness. Why did she want to become a god? She lost fellowship with her God because she obeyed the tempter.

The witches, wizards, palm-readers etc do have a power base. This is revealed in scriptures, for example, when Pharaoh’s magicians were able to mimic only 2 of Moses’ miracles. 

b. The power base of the occult is limited. God always shows up the inadequacy of satan’s power base when he wants to make the diviners or false prophets mad (Isa 44:25). Pharaoh’s magicians could not interpret his dream and only Joseph could do so. Daniel in Babylon was the only one able to bring revelation to Kings Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar. Prophet Elijah confounded the prophets of Baal and brought down fire from heaven. Jesus cast out countless devils and gave us  power over the kingdom of darkness. Apostle Paul cast out the fortune telling demon from the fortune teller. Scriptures are replete with examples of the power of the Greater one in the believer.

c. Satan can and does promise to reward people with the glory and splendour of the earth in exchange for their worship . He did this to Jesus of all people in the temptation in the wilderness. Jesus overcame him by telling him to get lost and to worship God alone. Ironically, the earth belongs to God and not to the devil, but he does teach people wicked secrets that can allow  them to acquire wealth and power in the earth (hence secret societies etc).

d. The power of lying spirits. Jesus taught us that satan is a liar and the father of lies (Jn 8: 44). There are lying spirits that accomplish his purpose of deception. Second Chronicles 18 revealed that the prophets of Baal were filled with a lying spirit that prophesied to King Ahab, causing him to lose his life in battle. Revelation also reveals that lying spirits can work miracles and deceive the nations of the earth (Rev 16: 14). This explains why the occult can work miracles.

 Don’t be fooled by the occult. Satan has lying spirits which masquerade as angels of the Lord and as spirits of dead people. I  will give proof  next time when I speak about Saul and the witch of Endor (1 Samuel 28).



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