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The angels and the four pecans January 29, 2008

Posted by mercedescoleen in Angels at work.
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I was sitting in White Castle as usual, reading and studying the word one day. There were three men sitting in the seat directly opposite.  I could not help overhearing their conversation and had some small talk with them.  As they left, one of the men gave me four nuts. They were pecans.

I became hungry later in the day as I did some work at the Brooklyn Public Library. I suddenly remembered the pecans and took them out, cracking the shells with my teeth. The flavor was tart and as I ate them I felt my body becoming cleansed. It was a feeling that I had never had before when eating food.

It then came to my spirit that these men were angels. The entire incident was very unusual and the angel of the Lord had given me the nuts deliberately as if they had been intended for me that day.

Thanks angels!


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