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Angelic protection February 6, 2008

Posted by mercedescoleen in Guardian Angels.
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On Monday 4th February, 2007, I had a very disturbing dream between 3 and 4 am. In the dream, I saw a man (in his 30s and doctor by profession), being physically abused by a woman in her 30s, who appeared to be his wife. She had a light brown complexion, had neck length relaxed hair which was cut in a blunt hair style.

As I came on the scene, I saw that the man stood there defenselessly, allowing his wife to beat him. I went to his assistance and she ran for cover. For some reason we began to look for her in the house, but she was very elusive. I came upon her in a room and she took up a black object which had two flaps at each side, as well as a central, rectangular box.

As I stood facing her, she pulled a trigger and I heard an explosion, saw a tongue of fire as she shot at me. However, the attack had no  effect and she may as well have not bothered.  She ran off again and I found her lying in a large ice box which was full of ice and water. She surfaced to breathe and her left foot was also protruding from the water.

I know that there is an invisible  shield of protection around me. No weapon formed against me will prosper. Thank God for the protection of His angels.

I spent Monday morning in intercession.  As I pondered on the dream, I began to see two phases of behavior in the woman similar to a bipolar disorder. She was alternately aggressive and then mute, the latter represented by her  submerging herself in the freezing water.

I then learned on Tuesday 6th February that a female had been shot in the island by an unknown assasin on Monday night about 10 p.m.(Tortola).  It was at that time that I realized the significance of the dream, which could have represented the demon involved or even the related situation. 

I  prayed  on Tuesday night for God to give greater revelation of what had really happened.  I then had a subsequent dream involving myself and a family as well as a man who was known to them. The man was a friend of the family, spent time with them. I saw them in the back seat of a car, at which time the man took out a black gun (approximately 4 inches long, two inches wide, with two flaps on each side. The handle was about 3-4 inches long and it was straight and not curved).  

I jumped out of the car and dragged out the occupants, but they went back in. I went to the Police Station to make a report about the gun and the man turned up, claiming that the car had run off the road. He tried to kill me, but I beat him up.  The man was tall, very dark in complexion, with short black hair and narrow features.

I’m written these dreams because of the connection with the shooting incident. I do not think the events are coincidental. Is this  a description of the killer? Is the person known to the deceased’s immediate family (mother, brother and last sister?) They do not know that he has the capacity for murder and may even be housing and/or befriending him unknowingly. What is the motive for murder? Was she helping someone who was at the mercy of this individual?

I hope that the law enforcement agency will find the clues speedily and that God will have mercy on the one who harmed His servant.



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