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Zechariah 3 reveals the power of relationship with God March 28, 2008

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Two days ago I wrote about the parallels between the Zechariah 3 and Jude 1: 9, 10. Today I would like to discuss several other truths revealed in Zechariah’s vision:

1. The Lord forgave the sins of the High Priest

Similar to the vision of Isaiah 6, the Lord forgave the sins of the High Priest, and that of the nation of Israel by extension.  He also clothed the Priest in clean garments. This was very symbolic since the High Priest was the higest spiritual authority in Israel, standing in the presence of God on behalf of the people.

He was the one who interceded for the people. However, the High Priest had lost this authority on behalf of the people during the years of captivity, since he himself was encompassed with infirmities, as symbolized by his dirty clothing.  He was unable to bring the people out of captivity by the authority of his position on earth. The true intercessors were the prophets such as Daniel, Zechariah and others like him.

This revelation in Zechariah 3 is important for the church today. The people of God need leaders who are clean and not dabbling in sin. Unclean leaders lose their ability to deliver anyone from bondage. The people of God need leaders who are true intercessors and not just figure heads in the church.

2. Zechariah reveals that prophets participate in the restoration of nations

 (Zechariah 3: 5). The prophet of God took the initiative to ask the angels around to put a crown on the high Priest’s head:

And I said, Let them set a fair mitre upon his head. So they set a fair mitre upon his head, and clothed him with garments. And the angel of the LORD stood by

Who gave the Prophet the authority to take the initiative? He knew that the anointing on the priests was the crown of the anointing oil of God (Lev 21: 12) was on the Priest and that this was a fitting part of his restoration. This was done with the approval of the Angel of the Lord (the Lord Himself).  

This action and approval reveal the favor and authority which the Prophet held in the heavenlies. God promised the restoration of this favor and authority to the High Priest. This depended on him keeping the ways of the Lord. GOd told him that he would be  given “…places to walk among these that stand by” (Zech 3: 7).

Who were those standing by? Satan was one and angels of the Lord also stood by. The angels obeyed Zechariah’s request without hesitation, knowing that he held favor and was a participant in the deliverance of the nation from captivity.

Do you get response when you rebuke the enemy? Do angels respond to your requests? Are you a friend of God’s? Do you have power with God? If your focus is on holding positions in the church and not on relationship with God, then you may very well be in a position similar to that of the High Priest – clothed with garments of sin, bound by the enemy and unable to loose anyone from his captivity.

Do you need a Zechariah in your life? Better yet, you need to stand with God to loose captives. This place of power comes from relationship – knowing God’s face and not just His power.

Let’s seek His face and obtain the favor that comes to those who diligently seek Him. I pray that God will bless you as you seek  Him.



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