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The horns on the Lamb meant that He was full of oil April 15, 2008

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I’ve been speaking about the seven horns on the Lamb and documented by Apostle John in Rev 5: 6:

And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth

In addition to holiness and cleansing, might and the fragrance of the Lord as well as the saints, the horns carry other meanings:


1. Horns were used by Prophets and Priests to carry oil 

  •      God told Prophet Samuel to fill thine horn with oil, and go, I will send thee to Jesse the Bethlehemite: for I have provided me a king among his sons” (1 Sam 16: 1). Samuel obeyed, took the horn of oil, anointed David  “and the Spirit of the LORD came upon David from that day forward” (1 Sam 16: 13)
  • Zadok the Priest used a horn of oil from the tabernacle to anoint Solomon as King over Israel (1 Kings 1: 39). Moses also poured the holy  oil of anointing on Aaron’s head when he was dedicated as High Priest and also sprinkled it on him and his sons (Ex 29: 7, 2; Lev 8: 12, 30). Maybe this oil was carried in horns.
  • The anointing of oil was a crown on the individual. In the case of the priests, God said that they were not to leave the tabernacle because the crown of the anointing oil of his God” was on him.  
  • Other people were anointed for a particular service, for example Aaron and his sons, Saul and David (Lev 10: 7; 1 Sam 10: 1; 1 Sam 16: 13)
  • Holy anointing oil was used by the priests in the cleansing of lepers and other sick were anointed with oil for healing (Lev 14; James 5: 14).
  • The Spirit of God came on those who were anointed with oil, as recorded in the case of David when he was anointed to be King of Israel (1 Sam 16: 13). 
  • Oil meant the joy of the Lord (Isa 61: 3).

Jesus is the fullness of God, carrying all of the anointing of God in Him. In fact, a cross reference with Zechariah 4 shows that the oil also flows from Him and the Two Olive Trees  into the church. Blessings and stay connected!



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