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Angels at the National Guard September 29, 2008

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He came into the establishment looking for a single earring – a stud. He told the young woman that he had owned a pair of studs, but had lost them at the National Guard – he had placed them on a table and they had apparently fallen behind it while the grandchildren played.

Grandchildren at the National Guard? He was an angel visiting a friend. Have a  great day!


Inez, the healing Angel September 20, 2008

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I first met Inez in 2007.  In late November, thereabouts, I suffered from a really sore throat and could not identify the cause. I prayed for healing and took the necessary steps to alleviated the soreness.

On the second night of the illness, I had a vision during sleep in which a lady came and touched my throat. She then disappeared after telling me that I would be better in two days. Her name was Inez.

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