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Angels in security October 30, 2008

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I was in the library looking at some books when I saw a couple walking about. I said “hello” and continued to browse. Shortly after, another man came into the area. The couple (man and woman) looked at him. I heard the man ask the new arrival (with great astonishment), “are you in security  now?”

These two were guardian angels and the other had sneaked in to visit. By the way, if you are afraid to ride on the New York City subway, I encountered angels on numerous occasions, including those who were assigned to guard the subway.


Have a great day!


Airforce Angel October 23, 2008

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It was a bright Saturday evening in Connecticut. I was sitting on the steps of the Library, speaking with Prince Cheemese. Unfortunately, I had missed the big parade in the city (can’t remember what the event was). We were speaking and laughing and looking at the people  as they passed by.

A tall, dark lady, with a streaming black hair passed, or rather, strode by. Prince Cheemese said, “well, well, well! The Airforce is in town today!”

Now that I think about it, where were all those other angels?

Angels on the waterfront October 20, 2008

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The marina was virtually deserted and very quiet because hurricane Omar was an impending threat later that day. No one was in sight and all the business were battened down tight, with one exception.  As I walked in the yard, I saw three people walking purposefully and almost in single file. What were they doing here, I wondered? They seemed to be headed toward the pier. 

There was a very tall man, almost over six feet at the head of the line. He wore a shock of white hair. Two women of graduating sizes, from tall to short, followed behind him. I asked them, “are you going to a boat?” They chuckled in great amusement and said no. One of them told me that I had just met a very important elder in heaven (in reference to the leader).

I knew then that they were heavenly visitors sent to protect the marina in the hurricane. What a comforting thought! Have a blessed day!

What did Angel Cheemese say about President John F Kennedy? October 18, 2008

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He was again my constant companion while I lived in Connecticut in 2007. I would meet him at  the library. He was well built,  tall, had long, blond hair which he wore in a pig tail and spoke with a drawl.  He dressed mainly in tall, brown army boots and carried a green back pack.

Prompted by an article in the TIMES about President JF Kennedy, I asked him one day who killed the President. He replied, “the question is not who killed him, but why he was killed”. I was puzzled. What I remember about his response is that there were people behind the scenes who held the reins of power in the USA. He would not say who they were, but they were angry that the President was a peace maker and would not permit the war on Vietnam. They stood to earn billions of dollars from the war. Since the President was a barrier to their ambitions, he had to be eliminated.

Take it or leave it, this is the response that I received. Have a blessed day.

The angel and the disappearing ring October 17, 2008

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She entered the business place intent on buying something to remind her friend about an assignment.  The Tanzanite rings were her first stop, then she progressed to another case. Her friend did not recognize her because she wore another disguise today. After she tried on the products, she whisked on of the three rings she was trying on back into the case.

Her friend looked decided puzzled as she tried to figure out what had just happened. The angel could hear her thinking, “didn’t I have three rings on the counter a while ago? Am I dreaming, or did one of those rings just disappear under my eyes? I’m sure it’s back in the case. Anyway, I don’t have time to count this case because this customer wants to look at something else.”

The angel chuckled in amusement, because she knew that the answer would come to her beloved friend later in the day.

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