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Angels on the waterfront October 20, 2008

Posted by mercedescoleen in Guardian Angels.
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The marina was virtually deserted and very quiet because hurricane Omar was an impending threat later that day. No one was in sight and all the business were battened down tight, with one exception.  As I walked in the yard, I saw three people walking purposefully and almost in single file. What were they doing here, I wondered? They seemed to be headed toward the pier. 

There was a very tall man, almost over six feet at the head of the line. He wore a shock of white hair. Two women of graduating sizes, from tall to short, followed behind him. I asked them, “are you going to a boat?” They chuckled in great amusement and said no. One of them told me that I had just met a very important elder in heaven (in reference to the leader).

I knew then that they were heavenly visitors sent to protect the marina in the hurricane. What a comforting thought! Have a blessed day!



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