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Archangel Michael on keeping my hair natural and not processed November 6, 2008

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I was riding the New York subway one winter’s night when I met Him. He was in the form of a 50 plus year graying black man and wore blackish-white hair twisted in locs. He was sitting opposite me and His face was so friendly that I struck up a conversation. We somehow began speaking about hair. At the time mine was relaxed.

Prince Michael began to ask me to give  reasons why  black people straightened their hair and even wore wigs. He told me that man was created black and that the black race must remain true to their created purpose and identity.  He also addressed the issue of dying of the hair. This one was especially hard to take. His teaching was that white hair in heaven is a sign of great importance. Remember that the Ancient of Days wore hair that was white as wool?

I must confess that it was very hard for me to begin the journey back to my original identity and purpose, but I am working on it. Blessings and have a    great day!              




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