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Angels in the streets November 11, 2008

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I met them almost daily over the past two years. They would greet me with the words, “I am an angel”. They dressed like regular, ordinary people, but their identifying words distinguished them from mere mortals. I remember meeting an angel as I walked down the street one day. She asked me to tell her “hello” (they speak with their spirits at times). As she crossed to my side of the street, she took out her cell phone and said “hello” into her phone as she passed directly next to me. This was rather humurous.

I did not realize the significance of the angels’ presence until I heard an end or year  news report for Stamford, Connecticut. According to statistics, there had been more than a 50% reduction in the incidence of homicides for that year (2007). This was a similar occurence for New York where I had lived in 2006 and had seen numerous angels.

As I write, I am also reminded that Chief Prince Michael actually lived in the cityof Stamford for about 6 weeks during  the summer. He was in the form of a homeless man and carried around his possessions in a shopping cart. I spoke with Him on several occasions and He gave me instructions on how to make money. One day, I saw Him talking loudly and angrily in the streets. He was waging war against the forces of darkness. That was the day the devil was active in the city (yes, I’ve seen him too). One day He told me that He had had enough of the city and was going home. I never saw Him in the streets after that.

Angelic visitation in the earth is not an uncommon occurence. Ezekiel 9 shows that there are angels assigned to the protection of cities. It is therefore not unusual that they actually visit their friends living in the city. The onus is therefore on the believers to become worshippers and intercessors to the degree that angels will respond.

Someone has been asking me to share the key to seeing angels. I will write about this in the will of the Lord. Your answer may be in 1 John 3: 2 and 1 Corinthians 13: 9-12. Meantime, please click on Prayer and Praise Power and go to the link called “Visions” and this may help tremendously.



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