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The angel on vacation December 29, 2008

Posted by mercedescoleen in Angels' Lifestyle.
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She called for help, “Lord, please send an angel to help me!” Meantime in heaven, the Lord lazily said to an angel, “go and help the baby.” The angel answered in astonishment, “the baby? which baby?”

The Lord rolled up his eyes and told the angel the “baby’s” name.  The angel pretended to protest, “but Lord, she can help herself. I’m on vacation’. The Lord looked sternly at the angel and he flew in the flash of an eye to earth. He entered the building where the baby was at work and spoke to the receptionist, asking  to use the resources.

The baby looked up and chuckled. She was busy at work and could not stop to fight demons.  The angel went inside and complained bitterly, “excuse me, I was on vacation on the beach. Why did you call me?”  He bantered back and forth with the baby.  

He came back out to speak with the receptionist. When the baby looked  up, she chuckled, because this time, the angel had white sand on his legs and his Tshirt was wet.    He was sending home his point. His job was well done. She had felt immediate peace on his arrival.  What a wonderful privilege to be God’s baby!



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