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I met an angel March 29, 2009

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I met a man

There was a huge downfall of rain on Thursday night and I had taken sheleter in a public building at about 6.30 pm. As I sat in the building I noticed a man, dressed in black, sitting next to the window eating a meal. He wore a black baseball cap and carried a big blue duffel bag… I sat two tables behind him and tried to do some work. He completed his meal then began to speak with one of the employees. I could not hear a word. He then got up to leave and we said hello for the second time. Somehow we struck up a conversation and he began to ask me if I knew that there area lot of things that happen in the United States that we don’t know anything about. I asked what he was speaking about.

He was a big man, almost square in shape and he spoke with deliberation and authority. I looked at him, wondered who he was and why he had chosen to speak with me about this unusual topic. HE looked at me and answered, “for example…” He then continued to say, “Do you know that we pay taxes when we don’t have to? “ He explained too me that the US Government, credit card companies, banks, licensing agencies etc, capitalize the names of every individual and that this means that this is not legal. Once you claim to be the person with the capitalized name, you are buying into a system of ownership by the Government etc. He also said that many people are becoming wiser and beginning to win court cases simply by claiming that they are not the person capitalized.

He then went on to talk about other issues:

He pointed to the employees behind the counter and asked me if I knew that they were working in system like slavery. He said, “Look at their subservient behavior and the manager standing with arms folded like a slave owner”. He said that too many people work to make a living then give that same money back to the government. We were not destined to make a living. .

He then explained that subservient behavior originated during slavery (in the 1700s) because of a man called Lynch (hence the origin of the term lynching). He was a slave owner living in the West Indies who devised and taught a system for subduing slaves that he claimed would last for 300 years. He was so good at it that he traveled to the USA to teach the system. Lynch would induce fear into slaves by taking 3 slaves, one of whom would be female. He would tie the first slave between a horse and a tree then set him on fire. Of course he would be torn to death. He would beat the second slave to near death in the presence of the woman. Seeing that, she would then teach her offspring how they were to behave. My informer then said that people need to know these things.

He then went on to tell me that there are a lot of harmful things, for example the poison emitted in jet streams.

He said that dengue fever originated as a chemical weapon of war because of viruses introduced in to the Aedes Agypti mosquito.

HIV was produced in a lab (I can’t remember the state now).

The CIA has weapons that we don’t want to know anything about.

The USA has chemical weapons that can be dropped a mile off from our location. The fumes would diffuse and the effect is to cause people to go into convulsions so strong that their spines would snap.

He asked me if I knew the content of many drugs that were injected into us. I said I knew that drugs such as antibiotics were harmful and could cause serious allergic reactions. He said that the content of many drugs were so harmful that a doctor would never give us a sample for testing.

His major concern was the issue of the illegal capitalization of names at birth which makes you a no person. He said this was because the US government was establishing a claim that would make the person using the name obligated to pay taxes etc. He said also that he goes around teaching people about this issue.

He then asked me if I had heard about a new virus (I can’t remember the name). He said he had read about it in a book and it is one of the most dangerous chemical weapons known to man.

I asked him about his field of work. A strange look crossed hia face and he replied that he was a lifeguard and that there was moire to him than that.

I had to leave but wish I could have spoken with him longer.


Doctor the angel March 6, 2009

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The pain was excruciating. The injury was a crushing one and the girl wondered if   there was a fracture. As she sat in a food outlet later that day, she heard the angel telling her, “it’s only a contusion, not a fracture”.

She had seen the young man several  times over the past two weeks. Now he sat directly opposite her and she realized who he was. It was very comforting to receive the information.

The angels of God met him March 2, 2009

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Genesis 32 documents Jacob’s return home after years of self imposed exile from his family. He was fearful because he had left after having his life threatened by his twin brother Esau. However, as he returned home, scriptures say that, “… the angels of God met him.  And when Jacob saw them, he said, This [is] God’s host… “ (Gen 32: 1,2).  He therefore  received the assurance that the angels would deliver him from harm and this was indeed so.

I was reminded of this when my guardian angel met me one evening last week. He was walking ahead of another angel and they were going in the direction opposite to mine. When she met me, however, she changed course and walked with me. He turned up a few minutes later to join us.

Even if you may not see them, be assured that God’s angels will protect His children. They love and care for us. In fact, Jesus said that they always behold the face of the Father in heavnen. Jesus’ statement implies that our angels become agitated when anyone harms or tries to harm us.

Next time I will talk about the nature of angels.

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