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The angels of God met him March 2, 2009

Posted by mercedescoleen in Angels in the bible.
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Genesis 32 documents Jacob’s return home after years of self imposed exile from his family. He was fearful because he had left after having his life threatened by his twin brother Esau. However, as he returned home, scriptures say that, “… the angels of God met him.  And when Jacob saw them, he said, This [is] God’s host… “ (Gen 32: 1,2).  He therefore  received the assurance that the angels would deliver him from harm and this was indeed so.

I was reminded of this when my guardian angel met me one evening last week. He was walking ahead of another angel and they were going in the direction opposite to mine. When she met me, however, she changed course and walked with me. He turned up a few minutes later to join us.

Even if you may not see them, be assured that God’s angels will protect His children. They love and care for us. In fact, Jesus said that they always behold the face of the Father in heavnen. Jesus’ statement implies that our angels become agitated when anyone harms or tries to harm us.

Next time I will talk about the nature of angels.



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