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Jesus and Archangel Michael May 29, 2009

Posted by mercedescoleen in The Archangels.
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The two men passed me as I sat looking out at the water, my method for relaxing at the end of a long day.  I waved to them and noticed that they sat on another bench at the end of  the walkway.  They stood up in unison as I approached them on my departure.  I heard, “walk behind us. This is Michael and Jesus”.” I smiled, but really wanted to walk quickly in order to get some exercise. “Walk behind us”, I heard them say. I obeyed and noticed to my amusement (believe it or not) that the shape of their feet (especially the calves) and their walking pattern were identical.

As I walked behind them, they spoke with me about the people of the nation in which I lived, the people with whom I worked and answered some questions that I had. I felt such a sense of  peace, joy and love.  As we approached the main city area, they slowed down and looked at the  water. There was a crab  just on the shore line. I said “hello” as I passed them and they replied. “Time for dinner”, said one of them.  I smiled and agreed.

They asked me to walk in front of them, then to sit as I approached a bench on the waterfront. This was the end of the journey.  After  I sat,  I looked backwards for them and realized that they were crossing the road, going in another direction. 

This encounter was such a blessing for me and I am writing about it as instructed. Have a great day!



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