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We love Michael August 6, 2009

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While I jotted the notes for the previous post, I was reminded of something that I had heard back in 1998/99 when living in Scotland. One night while sleeping, I heard the voice of a multitude of angels chanting:

“We love Michael

We love Michael

We love Michael…”

Although I heard the phrase repeated three times, I knew that I had heard part of a song to Chief Prince Michael. I had not thought about it for many years, but on earth let’s join the chant and say:

 “We love Michael

We love Michael

We love Michael…”



The day that Archangel Gabriel cried August 6, 2009

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I was at church on Sunday 1st August. The song “Glory to the Lamb”  was being sung:

“Glory, Glory, glory to the Lamb

For You are glorious and worthy to be praised

Lamb upon the throne

Unto you we lift our voice in praise

Lamb upon the throne”.

While the song was being sung, I suddenly began to see and hear an event taking place in heaven.  Chief Prince Gabriel was crying. Crying in heaven! I heard Him saying:

Thank you Jesus for being so nice

You went down to the cross and died for sinners

Whenever they are bad you beg for mercy

Even when we plan to kill them.

Thank you Jesus.

After He said those words, I heard the voice of  the multitude of saints and angels repeating:

Thank you Jesus for being so nice

You went down on the cross and died for sinners

Jesus replied that it was hard, but He was glad that He did it. Blessings!


Angels read about Monsters under the sea August 1, 2009

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As I waited to board the inter island ferry, I saw a family of five. It was comprised of the parents, two sons and an elderly woman who looked like the Grandmother. I made a few calls, then looked  in their direction again. This time, the grandmother was reading a story to the eldest boy. “Monsters under  the sea!”,  I exclaimed as I read the cover, “what kind of book is that for a child?”

I boarded the ferry and sat upstairs. The family sat across from me. The sea was choppy and the boat rode high on the waves.  I squealed with the people sitting next to me every time the boat tossed on an extra high wave.  As I held on tight to my bag, I heard with my spirit,  “say peace be still”.  I started speaking “peace be still”  to the waves.  I tried pleading the blood, but heard, “no, say peace be still”.  I obeyed and continued to say “peace be still” with my spirit. I then heard the words, “monsters under the sea”.  I replied in astonishment, “ohhhh!”, then saw the monsters (demons) in a vision.

I said to them, “why are you stirring up the water? I bind you in the name of Jesus and send you back to the pits”. Shocked, the demons answered, “she caught us”. I put my head down to sleep and waited.  The waters became noticeably calm about five to seven  minutes later.

The angels then said to me, “we are here with you. Talk with us”.  “Thank you”, I replied, ” “what is the little boy’s name?”

“Boy, boy”, was the response. I smiled. They continued to speak, ” we are showing these cherubs how to get around on earth”.

The eldest boy spoke, “what is a plane? In heaven we do not use these things, we just fly”.

I cannot remember all that we spoke about, but thank God for sending angels to protect me everywhere I go. They are my brothers and sisters in the family in heaven.

Thanks so much angels (and Boy Boy).

Have a great day!

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