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The angel begs off duty September 17, 2009

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A few nights ago I was meditating when I heard an angel talking about people who pray long, non stop prayers (she called it talking non stop to Jesus). The angel then said that Jesus is so patient because He sits  and listens patiently for hours.

I then saw Jesus listening to someone who had been  talking to Him nonstop for hours. Finally, He got up in exasperation and told  an angel – “take over from me”.   Jesus then began to walk away from the place where He had been sitting. I began to laugh because the angel held on to the Lord’s  ankles as He  walked away (the angel was on the ground being dragged as the Lord walked).  I heard the angel begging, “Jesus, please don’t leave me with that  talker…”



An angel called Patrick September 6, 2009

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I am writing this post because I  can hear the title in my spirit. He looked just like a regular person, the only difference was that I was so relaxed with him, as if I knew him from somewhere. I was so relaxed that I slouched in my seat as I talked and this is something I do not do with  strangers.  We were on the interisland ferry and I started the conversation by speaking about the condition of the sea. As we spoke, he revealed a lot of personal information about himself – he owned a  car repair and fixed Benzes; he owned a boat and sailed in the Caribbean more than twice a year, raced an Alpa Romeo in a car race and did not leave home often.

As I spoke with him, I heard my angel say to me, “you are speaking with a very important angel”. That was my realization that he was an angel.  I decided to ask  questions, one of them about the economy and its recovery. He answered by telling me that things go in cycles. He spoke about the 1971 recession and how it was cyclical.  He then said that recessions are good for people without money. Of  course I was shocked – how come? The gist of his response was that people working for small incomes should invest now because the   value of their investment remains the same in 10- 15 years when they are more economically stable and able to repay their loans with greater ease.

The example he gave was this – if a person who works for $5.00 an hour at three jobs makes $5.00 investment, the value of that $5.00 remains the same in 10 years at which time the repayment is easier.

Patrick knew a lot about weather patterns, winds etc and spoke of that in our conversation.  I would like too  meet you again, Patrick. Thanks for your presence.



Peace in Jesus’ presence September 6, 2009

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I recently wrote that I was travelling by sea. A weather system had just about subsided thanks to prayers, but the sea was rough. I looked at it and wondered why on earth I had pursued my travel plans. That was the moment when I noticed the Lord and His entourage. He drew my attention to Himself by showing me a sign that I understood.

I sat looking at them, laughing in amusement and felt peace in the area over my heart. It is hard to describe it. I can only say that I felt a warm tingling in that area and that all anxiety disappeared.

As I travelled on the sea, the boat rode high on the      waves.   I heard my angel instructing me – “say peace be still…plead the blood…bind the angels under the sea”.  I did as instructed and the sea became calm. I heard her say, “we are training you. Jesus tickled the angels under the sea”. Jesus did not talk much – He needed a break, but I will never forget that tangible peace that I felt. Thank you Lord for your presence and that of your angels.

Shoe designs in heaven September 6, 2009

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I recently saw an angel wearing a pair of shoes that you could not have missed. I heard her telling me that this was the latest design in heaven. I will try to describe it as best as possible. First of  all, the shoe looked somewhat like a pair of clogs.  The color was black and leather looking and the leather had a interesting sort of webbed design, almost like the pattern on green leaves of trees (like the mango leaf).

The heel was about three feet in height, but square and broad and had ridges around about 1 inch apart.  Instead of a strap across the heel at the back, the strap crossed under the sole of the shoe. The young woman also appeared to be wearing black stockings. I said to her, “that  shoe looks really cool”.   She replied, “yes, I’m short so I’m wearing it to get some height”.

I wish I had a photo to show you. Blessings!

Jesus on vacation September 6, 2009

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I was waiting to board the ferry when I saw Him on the dock accompanied by another angel and an entourage.  He boarded ahead of me and I looked for Him but He appeared to have temporarily disappeared. I sat up front, still looking around for Him and later saw Him sitting across the room. I started talking to the Lord. The angel with Him said that I was going to be thanking Jesus and crying (because He died).

Jesus said to me, “don’t talk to me. I am on vacation. I am taking a break from all those people who are always calling and begging for things”.  I spoke with Him about some personal concerns, then spent the rest of the journey speaking with Patrick. 

As the journey came to a close, I heard a conversation between Jesus and an angel:

Angel: Jesus, what should I do? This person is asking for money.

Jesus: What the! I just gave him some money the other day.

Angel: But Jesus, they are crying and begging, saying they are out of cash….

I did not hear the rest of the conversation but understood why Jesus needed a break.

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