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An angel called Patrick September 6, 2009

Posted by mercedescoleen in Angels at work.
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I am writing this post because I  can hear the title in my spirit. He looked just like a regular person, the only difference was that I was so relaxed with him, as if I knew him from somewhere. I was so relaxed that I slouched in my seat as I talked and this is something I do not do with  strangers.  We were on the interisland ferry and I started the conversation by speaking about the condition of the sea. As we spoke, he revealed a lot of personal information about himself – he owned a  car repair and fixed Benzes; he owned a boat and sailed in the Caribbean more than twice a year, raced an Alpa Romeo in a car race and did not leave home often.

As I spoke with him, I heard my angel say to me, “you are speaking with a very important angel”. That was my realization that he was an angel.  I decided to ask  questions, one of them about the economy and its recovery. He answered by telling me that things go in cycles. He spoke about the 1971 recession and how it was cyclical.  He then said that recessions are good for people without money. Of  course I was shocked – how come? The gist of his response was that people working for small incomes should invest now because the   value of their investment remains the same in 10- 15 years when they are more economically stable and able to repay their loans with greater ease.

The example he gave was this – if a person who works for $5.00 an hour at three jobs makes $5.00 investment, the value of that $5.00 remains the same in 10 years at which time the repayment is easier.

Patrick knew a lot about weather patterns, winds etc and spoke of that in our conversation.  I would like too  meet you again, Patrick. Thanks for your presence.





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