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Jesus on vacation September 6, 2009

Posted by mercedescoleen in Jesus.
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I was waiting to board the ferry when I saw Him on the dock accompanied by another angel and an entourage.  He boarded ahead of me and I looked for Him but He appeared to have temporarily disappeared. I sat up front, still looking around for Him and later saw Him sitting across the room. I started talking to the Lord. The angel with Him said that I was going to be thanking Jesus and crying (because He died).

Jesus said to me, “don’t talk to me. I am on vacation. I am taking a break from all those people who are always calling and begging for things”.  I spoke with Him about some personal concerns, then spent the rest of the journey speaking with Patrick. 

As the journey came to a close, I heard a conversation between Jesus and an angel:

Angel: Jesus, what should I do? This person is asking for money.

Jesus: What the! I just gave him some money the other day.

Angel: But Jesus, they are crying and begging, saying they are out of cash….

I did not hear the rest of the conversation but understood why Jesus needed a break.



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