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Peace in Jesus’ presence September 6, 2009

Posted by mercedescoleen in Jesus.
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I recently wrote that I was travelling by sea. A weather system had just about subsided thanks to prayers, but the sea was rough. I looked at it and wondered why on earth I had pursued my travel plans. That was the moment when I noticed the Lord and His entourage. He drew my attention to Himself by showing me a sign that I understood.

I sat looking at them, laughing in amusement and felt peace in the area over my heart. It is hard to describe it. I can only say that I felt a warm tingling in that area and that all anxiety disappeared.

As I travelled on the sea, the boat rode high on the      waves.   I heard my angel instructing me – “say peace be still…plead the blood…bind the angels under the sea”.  I did as instructed and the sea became calm. I heard her say, “we are training you. Jesus tickled the angels under the sea”. Jesus did not talk much – He needed a break, but I will never forget that tangible peace that I felt. Thank you Lord for your presence and that of your angels.



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