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Prophet Daniel used “adown” when he called Prince Gabriel Lord December 3, 2009

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1. Introduction

I ended the previous post  by saying that  ’Adown is the Hebrew word that Daniel used in the text when referring to the Chief Prince Gabriel as “Lord”:

“then I opened  my mouth, and spake , and said unto him that stood before me, O my lord (‘adown) (Dan 10: 16)

For how can the servant of this my lord (‘adown)  talk with this my lord (‘adown)? (Dan 10: 17)

I was strengthened, and said, Let my lord (‘adown) speak; for thou hast strengthened me (Dan 10: 19)

Why did Daniel refer to Chief Prince Gabriel as Lord/‘adown?  Here is what I found  when I examined the usage of the word.  

2.  ‘Adown was used as a form of  respect when addressing other people in their various leadership roles. For example:

  • Sarah called Abraham her “Lord” (Gen 18: 12)
  • Lot used in when addressing the members of the God family who had entered Sodom, although he did not know who they were (Gen 19: 2, 8)
  • the children of  Heth used the term to address Abraham, recognizing him as a “mighty Prince” (Gen  23: 3-20).
  • the english word “master” is used for ‘adown when describing the interaction between Abraham and his servant (Gen 24: 9-14).
  • Rebekkah again used ‘adown when speaking to Abraham’ s servant as a form of respect (Gen 24: 18)
  • Jacob used it when addressing or referring to his brother Esau (Gen 32: 4,5,18)
  • Pothipar was referred to as Joseph’s lord (Gen 39: 3, 7, 16 etc)
  • Joshua referred to Moses as “my lord Moses” (Num 11: 28)
  • Rulers such as Pharoah and others were referred to as lord/’adown (Judges 3: 25, Judges 4: 18)

3. Humans used the word ‘adown to refer to  members of the God family, recognizing God as  Lord of lords, ruler of heaven and earth:

  • Prior to passing over Jordan, Joshua worshipped God as the Lord of all the earth. For example, he told Israel that, “the ark of the covenant of the Lord of all the earth passeth over before you into Jordan” (Johsua 3: 11, 13)
  • Joshua referred to the Captain of the host as “my lord” (Josh 5: 14). I ‘ve written before about this, showing that Joshua knew that he was visited by a member of the God family because he fell on his face and worshipped and was told to take off his shoes  since the place where he stood was holy.  This is similar to Moses’ experience in Ex 3. When the mantle is  passed on to another individual, the God family will reproduce in him or her the same kind of visitation that the forerunner experienced.
  • Gideon used ‘adown when referring to the angel of the Lord, who was really one of the members of the God family. Read the text carefully and you will see this (Judges 6: 11-14)
  • Nehemiah called God by the name ‘adown (Neh 8: 10)
  • When worshipping God, whose name alone is excellent in all the earth, David in Psalm 8, referred to God  as ‘adown  (Ps 8: 1, 9)
  • The psalmists referred to God as ‘adown in the Psalms when worshipping the great Lord of the earth (Ps 110: 1; 114: 7;  135: 5; 136: 3; 147:5)
  • Prophet Isaiah referred to God as ‘adown when extolling Him as the Lord, the Lord of hosts (Isa 1: 24;   3: 1;   10: 16;  10: 33;  19: 4;   37: 4; 51: 22)
  • It is important to note that when Prophet Isaiah referred to God as the Lord (adown), he twinned the term with Lord (Yĕhovah/H3068) for greater emphasis   (http://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?strongs=H113&t=KJV&page=11    http://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?Strongs=H3068&t=KJV)
  • Prophets Micah, Zechariah and Malachi  also referred to God as ‘adown  (Micah 4: 13; Zech 4: 14; Zech 6: 5; Mal 3: 1)

4. Conclusion

When used in reference to heavenly inhabitants, the term “Adown or Lord refers directly to GOD as the ruler of heaven and earth, His excellent name, Lord of hosts and to members of the God family. 



4. Daniel referred to himself as a servant of the Lord Gabriel



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