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Jesus said, “get that terrorist” April 22, 2010

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I on Christmas Day  about the aborted terrorist attempt to explode Northwest Airlines Flight 253 that was about to land in Detroit. The enormity of the event dawned on  Christmas Eve.

 As I spoke with my friend Jesus about it, he said, “Imagine that they wanted to have a terror attack on my celebration! Do you think I would allow that? I had to send Gabriel”.

We spoke further and I heard him say about Bin Laden, “he is just like his father the devil – a heartless murderer. We want him six feet under.” 

I had a time of shouting and praising God yesterday morning for the deliverance of His people. Later that night I had a talk with Sheemese, my guardian angel:

Me: I want you to get Bin Laden for me

Sheemese: Dead or alive?

Me: What did Jesus say? ….pause   “Can you do it?”

Sheemese: Yes. I had multiple promotions since I started walking with you… I have to fight the opposing forces (meaning forces of darkness)

I wrote previously about my assignment to plead the blood over the USA and to ask for the release of angels and continue to do so faithfully. Please join me in the fight!

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