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Warning for the United States of America May 28, 2010

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Friday  28th May has been designated as a Day of Prayer and Fasting in the Heavenlies for the United States of America. I  began to receive a Word from the Throne Room of Heaven on Thursday 27th May and this continued today as I awoke. Archangel Gabriel told me:

America is going to face a time of decline in the future. People will be running from America. Right now they are running to it, but in that time they will be running away. There will be Civil unrest.

The pomp of America and the glory of America will descend to dust. How are the Mighty fallen – O Babylon. For you have said, “let us cast away their bands and the yoke of the  Almighty”.

I hear you say, says the Lord, this cannot be so. We have multitudes of churches, Prophets and Apostles, preaching and teaching, Christian television stations. Yet I say to you, says the Lord, that it will be more tolerable in the Day of  Judgment for Sodom and Gomorrah than for  the United States of America which has not kept the Ways of the Lord.

You have perverted my Righteous Ways, says the Lord and I am really displeased. I have sent many prophets and righteous men, rising early and calling to you and you have not listened.  Even if Moses and Samuel were living here, I will not spare in that Day of Judgment.

There  were many righteous men and the Prophet Jeremiah in Jerusalem in the days of Nebuchadnezzar, yet I could not spare the sin of the nation. They refused to take heed. Their Kings and Prophets went into exile for perverting the right ways of the Lord and lying to the people.

America beware and repent. This is the Word of the Lord to you.


Angels of God Help Students Writing Examinations May 25, 2010

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I am writing this post to help you to see the degree of involvement of the Angels of  God  in human existence.  I’ve been praying for some students writing examinations and heard the Angels telling me that they go to the rooms very early and guard the  students.

This is very comforting.  God sends His  Angels to encamp around those who fear him, just as He did for Jacob at Mahanaim.


Angels and the road block. May 21, 2010

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This unusual event took place in 2007 and to this day I cannot fathom the explanation.  It was nearly midnight and I was returning home in a cab.  As we drove along the usual route,  we suddenly came upon a road block. 

The road was barred by police cars with flashing lights that were parked horizontally across the road.  There was no accident or other event.  The “policemen” were quite lazily leaning on their cars with no apparent  tension or  urgency.

Of course, the cab driver had to change the route.  I always wondered if there had been some unknown danger up ahead that night that prompted that road block. Thanks  Angels, for your protection.

“The Lord’s Angels” – ranked in TOP 10 Angels blogs May 20, 2010

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Hello Faithful Readers

I was doing some work on my blog tonight and discovered that it was ranked among the TOP 10 Blogs on Angels at  http://www.blogs.com/topten/top-10-angels-blogs/#tpe-action-resize-438

I was blown away to say the least


Archangel Gabriel healed a terrible headache May 18, 2010

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It was Monday 10th May and the headache started sometime in the early evening hours. Headaches are strange creatures to me because I rarely have them.  I  decided that I would  sleep it off after meeting some deadlines.  Later that evening I went to bed nursing the headache. 

I awoke shortly before 10pm and heard Archangel Gabriel speaking with me.  He told me about the cause for the headache – I had twisted my head several times yesterday morning to look at someone and the blood vessels had twisted. I  remembered indeed  that I had been twisting my neck in a very uncomfortable and painful position, about 5 to 6 times in a 20 minute period. However, I had not paid attention to it.

He then told the angels to twist my head.  I knew when they did so, but did not feel any sensation. After a period of about 15 minutes, He told Angel Inez to twist my head again and directed her in the activity.  He told me that I had experienced torsion of the blood vessels and that could have been dangerous. I felt the pain abate and when I woke on Tuesday 11th there was only a slight pain at the nape of my neck.

Archangel Gabriel instructed me to tell readers to avoid neck twisting as it can be dangerous, especially if it is done more than twice in a 20 minute period.

I am pain free and giving thanks for healing. Thank you Father and precious Angels.

Angels’ Top Tips on How to TARGET your Sponsored Tweets on Twitter May 15, 2010

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I was meditating last night (11th May) and speaking with my Angels about Twitter.  I  had been reading a Twitter  Trends Map and wondering how to send sponsored tweets to relevant interest groups.  I started to  see a simple way to do so:

  • Develop my Twitter lists to reflect the content of the sponsored tweets
  • Use Twellow to find  twitter users in the relevant target groups
  • Follow these individuals
  • Interact with them on Twitter
  • Send sponsored tweets to the group

For trending topics

  • Use a Twitter Trends Map to identify trending topics e.g. Graduation
  • Follow these people and make comments
  • Send targeted tweets

I’m going to look for a  Twitter application that will allow me to follow people  by categories. Any quick feedback?

What system do you use to post your Sponsored Tweets? 


Angels’ wings over Foxie May 11, 2010

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Her name is really Foxie.  She  had attended a Sunday morning church service in  Brooklyn and was standing  near to the doorway at the end of the service.   I  looked over in her direction  and saw two huge angels’ wings over and behind her. 

I  was not able to tell her about this, but  her Guardian  Angel  was right there to protect her.


Guardian Angels’ track record May 4, 2010

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I’ve  written before that God assigned me to pray over America, plead the blood and pray for the release of angels. Here is the Guardian Angels’ track record:

Failed terrorist attempt in Central Station, New York in 2009

Failed Christmas Day bombing in the skies

Failed Times Square bombing last Saturday

This list is by no means exhaustive .  Please write and let me know your  own experiences.  Blessings!

Angels on oil spills and baby seals May 1, 2010

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As I followed the progress of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on Wednesday of this week, I heard Archangel Gabriel say:

Look at what they did to my animals!”

I heard another angel, called Princess Cailan reply:

“my pets!”

Princess Cailan has  been quite concerned about the status of  the baby seals and has asked me every day to follow the news. 

God and His angels really do care about all of the creation.

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