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Guardian Angels’ track record May 4, 2010

Posted by mercedescoleen in Guardian Angels.
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I’ve  written before that God assigned me to pray over America, plead the blood and pray for the release of angels. Here is the Guardian Angels’ track record:

Failed terrorist attempt in Central Station, New York in 2009

Failed Christmas Day bombing in the skies

Failed Times Square bombing last Saturday

This list is by no means exhaustive .  Please write and let me know your  own experiences.  Blessings!



1. CHARISSA - July 22, 2010



2. CHARISSA - July 22, 2010

I HAVE lots of angelic encounters, an angel found my internet device when i lost it, an angel help fix my washing maching, and my refrigerator, an angel came as a light in my kitchen when i ask the lord to send me one cos i was kind of restless one night, an angel told me to change my name…. they are all around me and i love them. i thank the Lord Jesus for loving me so dearly and sending me his angels. thank u for making me feel ” not weird”….sometimes when i get excited about it and talk about it ,my husband thinks i am.


mercedescoleen - July 24, 2010

Hello Charissa

This is great news. I love it. Have a great day


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