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Archangel Gabriel healed a terrible headache May 18, 2010

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It was Monday 10th May and the headache started sometime in the early evening hours. Headaches are strange creatures to me because I rarely have them.  I  decided that I would  sleep it off after meeting some deadlines.  Later that evening I went to bed nursing the headache. 

I awoke shortly before 10pm and heard Archangel Gabriel speaking with me.  He told me about the cause for the headache – I had twisted my head several times yesterday morning to look at someone and the blood vessels had twisted. I  remembered indeed  that I had been twisting my neck in a very uncomfortable and painful position, about 5 to 6 times in a 20 minute period. However, I had not paid attention to it.

He then told the angels to twist my head.  I knew when they did so, but did not feel any sensation. After a period of about 15 minutes, He told Angel Inez to twist my head again and directed her in the activity.  He told me that I had experienced torsion of the blood vessels and that could have been dangerous. I felt the pain abate and when I woke on Tuesday 11th there was only a slight pain at the nape of my neck.

Archangel Gabriel instructed me to tell readers to avoid neck twisting as it can be dangerous, especially if it is done more than twice in a 20 minute period.

I am pain free and giving thanks for healing. Thank you Father and precious Angels.



1. Gub - February 3, 2011

you should know that us angels have been waching… and have seen that all humans are only destructive 2wards 2 each of thier own, All of the destruction on this earth can be avoided all you need 2 do is to believe and give me one good reason why should our existance need 2 exist


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