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Angel In The Snow December 5, 2010

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I was standing at a Brooklyn bus stop sometime in winter 2007.   I was dressed because it was the height of winter and a very cold day. In fact, it began to snow lightly as I stood at the bus  stop.  As I waited for the bus, I saw a young man approaching.

I had to look intently at him because of his attire. He was unusually dressed, or undressed for the weather –

he wore no gloves and scarf and had on a light leather jacket which was unbuttoned.

As I looked at him in amazement, he began to speak with my spirit.  He identified himself as an angel and said that he had come to earth to enjoy the snow.  He said that snow rarely fell in heaven and it was like a holiday when it did.  I gazed at him as he walked past, musing over what I had just heard.

I found that very interesting. How about you?

Thanks angel!

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