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Cornelius House – In Honor Of Pastor Cornelius Robinson April 28, 2013

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I dreamt sometime this morning that I was on the top floor of an unfurnished apartment building, apparently in New York. I looked across the street and saw a huge, three-story, well-lit, white building.

The building was close to me. When I looked again, it had zoomed out. This time, I saw a huge yard, a fence surrounding the periphery and sea water on the south end. In other words, the building was at the sea-side.  The building also had an entrance at the north end and the gate of the property was on the same plane as the building’s entrance.

As I looked, it seemed that the building was a hotel.  I saw two words on the front at the top. They were:


I knew that the name referred to Pastor Cornelius Robinson, and wondered if his son Earl owned a hotel. It appeared as if the location was somewhere in the Caribbean – like the Bahamas of Cayman Islands.

As  I continued to look at the building, I saw cars entering the yard and people entering and leaving the place. There were about 10 porters with carts in the yard, like the carts on which the porters at airports transport passengers’ luggage.  The only difference was that these had two tall, curved metal rails on each side of the baggage section. Additionally, one side of the metal rail was covered with some kind of  colorfully labelled white tarpaulin – like material, like the sails on a boat.

I thought about that dream many times up to the time of writing, wondering what it means.  A while ago, I heard Gabriel telling me that Pastor Robinson is a Welcomer.  He welcomes saints when they arrive in heaven.

Hope this comforts his family.


#Archangel #Gabriel And The #Laughter In #Heaven April 27, 2013

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It was about 6. 50 am today when I heard Archangel Gabriel laughing infectiously in heaven. In fact, all of heaven seemed to be laughing, including Michael and Jesus.  Archangel Gabriel said to me:

“baby, imagine, we’re so high up here looking down on them fighting, warring, stealing, backstabbing!”

The laughter continued. I heard Archangel Michael say, “hold me up, this is funny!”   The laughter was infectious so I chuckled. I lay on my face as requested and continued to listen and chuckle with them.

As the laughter continued, I heard Archangel Gabriel say, “put the pit she digged under her” (referring to a particular individual). That was so funny that the laughter started again.

I heard Him say again:

“when they say peace and safety, their destruction cometh on them like a woman in travail.”

He told me to get up and write what I heard. I also heard that someone is about to burst the bubble.

Well, that is it.  Blessings, peace and angelic prosperity.

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