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#Archangel #Gabriel And The #Laughter In #Heaven April 27, 2013

Posted by mercedescoleen in Archangel Gabriel.
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It was about 6. 50 am today when I heard Archangel Gabriel laughing infectiously in heaven. In fact, all of heaven seemed to be laughing, including Michael and Jesus.  Archangel Gabriel said to me:

“baby, imagine, we’re so high up here looking down on them fighting, warring, stealing, backstabbing!”

The laughter continued. I heard Archangel Michael say, “hold me up, this is funny!”   The laughter was infectious so I chuckled. I lay on my face as requested and continued to listen and chuckle with them.

As the laughter continued, I heard Archangel Gabriel say, “put the pit she digged under her” (referring to a particular individual). That was so funny that the laughter started again.

I heard Him say again:

“when they say peace and safety, their destruction cometh on them like a woman in travail.”

He told me to get up and write what I heard. I also heard that someone is about to burst the bubble.

Well, that is it.  Blessings, peace and angelic prosperity.



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