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Archangel Gabriel On The Tower Of Babel May 3, 2013

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It is Wednesday 1st May, 2013. I was reading an article on the Tower of Babel when Archangel  Gabriel spoke with me about it.  The gist was:

The Tower of Babel was as tall as your average skyscraper. Ancient man was highly knowledgable and sophisticated. A lot of the knowledge perished in the Flood of Noah’s day.

Ancient humans used to receive information by revelation, just as Noah did for the building of the Ark. Satan saw the communication of God with humans and felt threatened. That is why he commissioned demons to intermarry with the human race in order to corrupt the knowledge of humans.

Humans were bad after the Fall. However, the wickedness after the fall could not be compared to what happened after the corruption of the human race by demonic spirits.

Gabriel  said that satan wants people to believe that ancient humans walked on fours and were primitive, but that is just not so. Check your history, He said.



Who were really the “sons of God” in Genesis 6?

There are also wicked human spirits in high places



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