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Archangel Gabriel On The Kidnapped Nigerian School Girls May 13, 2014

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I was praying this morning about 6. 30 am when I heard a vision. In the vision, I heard the leader of the Boko Haram say that he would kill the two girls who did not convert to Islam.

In response, a voice from heaven immediately gave a resounding “No.”
The leader of the Boko Haram asked, “who is that?”
I responded, “Gabriel”

He asked, “who is Gabriel?”
I responded, “Gabriel.”
He said, “oh God!”

To my surprise, he started to cry and ask for forgiveness for taking the girls. He said he was sorry that he had people crying for their children and promised to release them.

Gabriel then said they must be released unharmed. Gabriel then told me to tell the nation to negotiate and to give up ONE criminal in exchange for the girls.

Archangel Gabriel also said that the girls need someone to lead them out of captivity. They must either be released directly back to their families or rescued. If they are released to the wild, they will become victims to other predators.

He said the problem with free will is that humans can make choices that resist God even when God pleads with them to change. He said the power of choice has been the problem of the human race from the Garden of Eden.

Sadly, Archangel Gabriel said that because of the power of choice, the Boko Haram may kill the girls if they are not rescued. He will take them to heaven if this happens.

He said the nations must pray, that someone needs to take the girls out of slavery, just as Moses took the children of Israel out of Egypt.




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